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Phipps fans ages 12 and under are invited to write and submit their own poem for a chance to have their work displayed in our Fall Flower Show 2020!

Phipps' Fall Flower Show: The Poetry of Nature will showcase the beauty of nature through both thoughtful, colorful displays and the words of poets throughout history. We invite our youngest budding poets to showcase their own writing skills by submitting a poem about nature for a chance to have their work displayed in the show. 

Here's how children can enter with the help of a parent or caregiver:

  1. Children should write a poem about nature and type it into a word document — or hand-write it on a piece of paper with illustrations and colors to bring your words to life — with the help of a parent or caregiver! Scans and photos of illustrated poems are acceptable. Poems can be any form (i.e. haiku, sonnet, rhyme, etc.) of the child's choosing but should be no longer than three stanzas. 
  2. Parents and caregivers should complete the form below to submit children's work.

Not every poem submitted will appear in our show, but we look forward to featuring as many as we can both in the show and on our Poem Gallery website (coming soon). 

Poetry of Nature Poem Submissions

Thank you for your participation in Phipps' poem submission event! Select poems will be chosen to be displayed in our upcoming Fall Flower Show: Poetry of Nature. Please submit your poem by uploading a word document below to keep proper formatting.

Poets are welcome to give a 2 – 3 line description to explain the inspiration for their work below.