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Phipps, its university partners and the scientists it supports through the Botany in Action and Science Communication Fellowship programs are contributing original research to conferences and journals. Below is an index of their publications to date.

Ecological Health and Wellness
Human Health and Wellness
Education and Social Justice
Communication and Outreach
All Publications

The Maijuna: past, present, and future
Michael P. Gilmore
Peru: Maijuna (The Field Museum, Chicago) (2014)

The Spatial Politics of Affect and Emotion in Participatory GIS
Michael P. Gilmore
Annals of the Association of American Geographers (2013)

Subaltern Empowerment in the Geoweb: Tensions between Publicity and Privacy
Michael P. Gilmore
Antipode (2013)

The Use of Participatory Mapping in Ethnobiological Research, Biocultural Conservation, and Community Empowerment: A Case Study From the Peruvian Amazon
Michael P. Gilmore
Journal of Ethnobiology (2012)

From Researcher to Partner: Ethical Challenges and Issues Facing Ethnobiological Researchers
Michael P. Gilmore
Ethnobiology (2011)