Whether you are a seasoned green thumb, a budding artist, a green-minded locavore or an aspiring naturalist, we have a class for you. Peruse our offerings for an exciting variety of fun and enriching programs on gardening, arts and crafts, healthy living and sustainability, providing you with plenty of opportunities — from single classes to more intensive courses of study — to let your inspiration grow.

Here at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, all of our instructors are accomplished in their fields and provide a friendly, welcoming and relaxing environment in which our students can learn and realize their full potential. Our certificate courses are open to everyone and may be taken as stand-alone classes provided that all necessary prerequisites, if applicable, have been satisfied. 

For more details about our programs, or to receive personalized class recommendations from our helpful staff, please feel free to contact us at edu@phipps.conservatory.org.

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Sustainable Horticulture

The Sustainable Horticulture Certificate program consists of a series of core courses that includes Basic and Advanced Horticulture, Soils, Diagnosing Plant Problems and Botany for Gardeners. These classes teach best management practices necessary for gardening with minimal ecological impact. Electives further enhance students’ understanding of sustainable practices that help protect soil health, water resources, air quality and land usage, and result in the creation of aesthetically pleasing gardens.

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Landscape and Garden Design

The objective of the Landscape and Garden Design Certificate program is to prepare students to apply basic design principles and techniques in creating beautiful, environmentally responsible landscapes. Utilizing graphic skills and plant knowledge, students will work through the design process to develop a presentation plan.

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Native Plant Landscapes

The Native Plant Landscapes Certificate program consists of a series of courses designed for participants to learn to appreciate and use native plants, discover the importance of habitats and ecosystems, and explore how native plants can fit into our gardens.

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Floral Design

The Floral Design Certificate program offers the most extensive course of study available in the region, covering all aspects of floral design. The history and progression of floral design is integrated into each class so that students know how and why arrangements are done in a particular way. Participants are also provided with a strong foundation for building upon their own creativity and imagination.

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Botanical Art and Illustration

Students enrolled in the Botanical Art and Illustration Certificate program will learn how to draw botanical subjects with scientific accuracy, artistry and mastery of technical methods. Using a basic knowledge of plant morphology, participants will develop the skills needed to document plants in intricate detail, including the root system, upper and lower leaf surfaces, flowers, fruits and seed heads. This program is designed for students who are interested in pursuing art for pleasure and self-satisfaction, and they can choose between two concentrations: watercolor or colored pencil. Beginners, as well as those with art experience, are welcome. Students may repeat most courses in the program at a 10-percent discount; however, a repeat course cannot apply toward certificate credit.

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Gardening and Botanical Crafts

Covering topics from photography and terrariums to bonsai and seed-starting, our Gardening and Botanical Classes schedule will excite and inspire you!

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Culinary Arts

Join us in our newly renovated, state-of-the-art Botany Hall Kitchen for exciting culinary arts classes! Discover new ways to prepare food that is good for you and the planet in our innovative kitchen and classroom setting.

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Green and Healthy Living

Backyard composting, T'ai Chi, food preservation and permaculture are just a few of the topics we explore in our Green and Healthy Living classes.

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Professional Education

As a busy landscaper, you need quality continuing education to stay ahead of the sustainable curve. Our programs are taught by experts in the fields of horticulture, arboriculture, turf management, and forestry. These classes are designed to help landscapers build the skills they need to offer more environmentally-friendly services while taking care of their bottom line.

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Phipps is dedicated to bringing nationally recognized speakers to our world-class facility to help enrich our region and further our mission. These special events will keep you at the forefront of your field of interest and connected to like-minded individuals. You'll be amazed at what you can learn in a day at the gardens.

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