Open Now Through Mon., Sept. 3
Butterfly Forest
Butterfly Forest
Butterfly Forest
Butterfly Forest
Butterfly Forest

Marvel as colorful butterflies break free of their chrysalises to soar and glide among the blooms.

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A family favorite, Butterfly Forest enchants visitors of all ages while showcasing the delicate life cycle of some of nature’s most important pollinators and their favorite aromatic blooms. You’ll stroll along a winding forest path over a bridge, past ponds and through a tunnel to discover beautiful butterflies taking flight, experiencing these delicate winged creatures’ natural behaviors as they flutter, eat and rest inside the glasshouse. You'll get up-close views of dozens of different butterfly species surrounded by the plants that provide them with nectar, see live metamorphoses as butterflies transform and emerge from their chrysalises, and delight in the butterflies' diverse array of vivid colors, shapes, sizes, patterns and motions. See how many species you can identify as you explore the garden — if you take your time and move slowly, one of these beauties might even land on your shoulder!

Butterflies to Watch For:

  • black swallowtail
  • buckeye
  • giant swallowtail
  • great southern white
  • Julia longwing
  • monarch
  • painted lady
  • Palamedes swallowtail
  • pipevine swallowtail
  • Polydamas swallowtail
  • red admiral
  • queen
  • question mark
  • spicebush swallowtail
  • tiger swallowtail
  • white peacock
  • zebra longwing

Butterfly Forest Soundscape

Butterfly Forest features a dynamic custom sound installation created by Carnegie Mellon University students enrolled in Experimental Sound Synthesis, a class exploring sound design, experimental music and sound art. The contemporary soundscape constantly evolves and changes, adding new dimensions of immersion and excitement to the vibrant world of the butterflies. Learn more on the project's website.

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Photos © Paul g. Wiegman

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