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Butterfly Forest
Butterfly Forest
Butterfly Forest
Butterfly Forest
Butterfly Forest

Watch colorful butterflies break free of their chrysalises to soar and glide among beautiful Phipps blooms.

An annual favorite for guests of all ages, Butterfly Forest awes visitors with an up-close look of some of nature's most prized pollinators alongside the blossoming flowers that feed them. You’ll stroll along a winding forest path over a bridge, past ponds and through a tunnel to discover beautiful butterflies as they flutter, eat and rest inside the glasshouse. Enjoy the majesty of a multitude of butterfly species surrounded by the plants that provide them with nectar, see live metamorphoses as butterflies transform and emerge from their chrysalises, and delight in the fluttering array of vivid colors, shapes, sizes, patterns and motions. See how many species you can identify as you explore the garden — if you take your time and move slowly, one of these beauties might even land on your shoulder!

Butterflies to Watch For

Our relationship to butterflies is more complex and interconnected than we often acknowledge, and I hope that Butterfly Forest gives a closer look at both the beauty and the importance of butterflies. With that relationship in mind, we at Phipps want to remind our guests that looking, not touching, is the best way to experience Butterfly Forest; petting or rubbing a butterfly’s delicate wings can harm them, and we want our flying friends to thrive in their glasshouse home. Also, our butterflies must remain in the Stove Room, so make sure to check yourself in the mirror on the way out too make sure that they’re not trying to sneak away!

Butterfly Forest runs through Mon., Sept. 5. Come and celebrate the triumphant return of our winged wonders and learn about their unique characteristics and amazing life cycles. The experience will set your heart aflutter!

Select photos © Paul g. Wiegman, Phil Johnson II, Bill Bouton, Kevin D. Arvin, Mary Keim, Andrew Neild

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