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The Floral Design Certificate program offers the most extensive course of study available in the region, covering all aspects of floral design. You will learn the art and science of floral design through hands-on design workshops to build your technical proficiency, gain knowledge in the principles and elements of design and color theory, and increase your range of design styles. You will become familiar with common flowers in the floral industry as well as how to design with locally grown seasonal and foraged materials. You will also build a strong foundation for enhancing your own creative inspiration. This program is designed for students who are interested in pursuing floral design for pleasure and self-satisfaction. 

There is no formal enrollment in the program. Phipps maintains student records, but does not actively monitor student progress. Please track your own progress throughout the program and contact Phipps’ adult education department for transcript confirmation when you have completed the required coursework. There is no time limit for completing the program. 

Program Overview

Floral Design Certificate Requirements

To receive a certificate in Floral Design, students must satisfactorily complete 7 core courses, totaling 72 credit hours, and an additional 30 hours of electives, for a total of 102 hours.

Core Courses

  • Basic Floral Design  
  • Study in Design Styles  
  • Bridal Design & Personal Flowers to Wear  
  • Wedding Primer 101 
  • Bouquet Design Series  
  • Corsage and Boutonniere/Wearable Florals  
  • Intermediate Floral Design   
  • Advanced Floral Design    
  • Events and Large-Scale Design Workshops  
  • Final Design Assessment 


Electives are required and include topics that allow students to explore diverse subjects outside traditional design. Some examples of electives that may be offered include Contemporary Colors, Deck the Halls, Language of Flowers, Pave Arrangements and Phipps Flower Club. Several electives will be offered each semester and will change year to year. Check the website for updates and class descriptions. 

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Final Design Assessment 

After you complete the certificate requirements, you must pass a final design assessment, which includes a portfolio review, written exam and a live design assessment performed by members of the Phipps floral instruction team. 

Outside Credits

If you have recently attended a university course or other continuing education program which you think could be applied to credits in an existing core course, please contact the Adult Education Administrative Assistant at 412-441-4442, ext. 3925.

Successful completion of Phipps Sustainable Landcare Accreditation training will count toward the Sustainable Gardening Principles and Practices course as well as 10 elective credits.

Successful completion of Phipps Master Gardener training will count toward the Sustainable Gardening Principles and Practices course as well as 15 elective credits.

Instructor Bios

Kaitlyn Caramela 
Kaitlyn Caramela is the owner and head designer of Steel City Florals. SHe has been in the green industry for about 10 years now doing a variety of work in landscaping, floral design, teaching, curriculum planning and volunteer work. She earned her Horticultural Technology Certificate from Bidwell Training Center and everything else is self-taught. Enjoys teaching about color theory and modern floral design construction 

Korkey Noah Kibbey 
Korkey Noah Kibbey has over 20 years of experience in a diversity of design styles, working both in wholesale and retail, which has led to success as a freelance designer. Currently, he is a principle creative visionary for many local event florists and retailers. 

Naoma Neff  
Naoma has had a passion for flowers since childhood and always wanted to be a florist; now she is living the dream! She began her journey by studying at Phipps and successfully completing the Floral Design Certificate program.  Noama is currently a full-time florist and owner at Lily Dale Floral Designs which serves Butler and the surrounding areas. 

Photo © Kitoko Chargois