NOTE: Phipps is open for your visit. All tickets must be purchased in advance, and safety protocols must be followed. Learn more about how you can join us!

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens welcomes homeschooled students individually or as a group. Our standards-based field trip programs can be readily adapted for a wide age range of youth and our seasonal camps provide experiential learning opportunities for children ages 3 – 13. Join one of our scheduled single-session or multi-session homeschool programs below, or choose from any of our virtual seasonal camps to meet your specific needs.

Interested in a program that's already sold out? Email us to be placed on our waiting list.

Note: Every individual over the age 2 must register and pay $5 admission fee to enter the classroom, including siblings and parents.

For Homeschoolers

Early Childhood Homeschool Programming

AGES 3 – 6

Explore our Early Childhood Homeschool online programming for ages 3 – 6 and let us immerse your child in our incredible world. These unique programs touch on topics such as art, science and sustainability in fun, interactive ways. 

Parents' Corner

For Homeschoolers

What Is Your Family's Favorite Outdoor Activity or Craft?

You've spent lots of time learning together as a family — and we want to hear from you! Submit up to 80 words and a photo describing your favorite outdoor activity or nature craft to us via email at We'll pick our favorite and share it on this page!

Phipps homeschool programming is planned with oversight from the Phipps Educational Advisory Committee for Charter and Homeschools.

For Homeschoolers

Phipps Educational Advisory Committee for Charter and Homeschools

The Phipps Educational Advisory Committee for Charter and Homeschools (PEACCH) is a group of educators who meet regularly during the school year to foster collaboration and learning across schools and museums. The committee is made of home and charter school educators and museum educators in the Pittsburgh area.

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