Dr. Sarah L. States is the director of research and science education at Phipps. She is responsible for creating innovative local, national and international research partnerships in the research areas of Phipps, such as ecology, human health and wellness, environmental education and science communication. Moreover, she oversees the development and implementation of pre-K – 12 informal education programs that focus on connecting youth to nature. She received her Ph.D. in ecology and evolutionary biology from Cornell University and completed postdoctoral research at the Yale School of Public Health and Columbia University, focusing on community ecology and vector-borne disease.

Emily Chierici is the research and science education administrative assistant. Emily started at Phipps in October 2018 and in the Science Education department in August 2018. She holds a bachelor of arts in history and a minor in education from Penn State University. Emily has worked in many different educational settings including zoos, museums, elementary schools, preschools and with the National Park Service. Emily enjoys working at Phipps because it is ever changing, and there is always something new to learn! 

Emily Johns is the high school program coordinator at Phipps. Emily holds a bachelor of science in environmental resource management from Penn State University. She is passionate about environmental education and loves working with learners of all ages. At Phipps, she coordinates the Fairchild Challenge and the high school internship program.

Heather Shannon is the school and camp program manager at Phipps. Heather holds an undergraduate degree in economics and public policy from Saint Vincent College and a master's degree of education in early childhood from Carlow University. Before coming to Phipps, Heather taught preschool math and science, and was an educational project manager for early childhood schools in the Pittsburgh area.

Jennifer Torrance is the science education program facilitator at Phipps. Jennifer graduated from Allegheny College, majoring in environmental science and minoring in writing. She has been at Phipps since May 2016 and with the Science Education team since November 2016. She loves introducing children to fascinating new concepts and sparking creativity and passion for the natural world.

Dr. Maria Wheeler-Dubas is the science education outreach coordinator at Phipps. Her undergraduate degree and her doctorate are both in biology, and she has taught at both the college level and within the classrooms of zoos and museums. At Phipps, Maria coordinates science communication workshops, oversees the Botany in Action fellowship program, writes for Phipps’ #bioPGH blog, and assists with multiple programs and special science education events.