A Greener Place to Grow

Built in 2006, our 36,000-square-foot Production Greenhouse earned LEED® Platinum for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance in 2012, becoming the first in the world to achieve this certification and one of approximately 20 buildings across the globe to reach the Platinum level. In this energy-efficient work space, the temperature, light levels and humidity are all Argus computer controlled, allowing the production staff to maintain 16 different climate-controlled environments within eight ranges, enabling us to grow a wider variety of plants than was ever possible before.

More Details

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Project Summary

Adaptability: Creating Workable Spaces

  • Among the Production Greenhouse’s most notable features is an innovative open-roof system that allows for maximum temperature and ventilation control. Window operation is tied into an anticipatory Argus Control System that ensures that the facility is optimally heated and cooled, while taking advantage of natural ventilation, eliminating the need for costly exhaust fans.
  • The Argus computer also intelligently controls vents, heat, fertilizer, misters, water and shade cloths, ensuring that resources are employed as economically and efficiently as possible.
  • Energy blankets on the roof can be drawn on cool evenings to prevent heat from rising into the peaks of the greenhouse, keeping it closer to the plants.
  • Water usage is closely monitored and adjusted to minimize impacts during dry spells, and we are always looking at new ways to capture rain water on site for irrigation.
  • The combination of all of these strategies allows Phipps to operate our Production Greenhouse 33 percent more efficiently than similar greenhouses, helping us to meet sustainability goals

Sustainable Features

Energy Efficiency

  • LEED-EBOM Platinum certified, the first greenhouse to achieve LEED certification
  • State of the art open-roof design allows temperature and ventilation control
  • Anticipatory computer controlled weather and temperature reacting system by Argus Controls
  • Open roof allows escape of hot air so that in warmer months, interior air stays cooler than exterior air
  • Heated through economical radiant floor heating system

Energy Blankets and Shade Cloths

  • Energy blankets prevent convective and radiant heat loss
  • Shade cloths respond to the natural sunlight and cloud cover
  • Guided electronically by weather station link and Argus computer controls

Water Filtration and Efficiency

  • Reverse osmosis system filters water, balances pH levels and reduces fluoride
  • Future plans include water capture and reuse for greenhouse irrigation

Photos © Paul g. Wiegman, Lofty Views