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Share Your Memories With Us

Since 1893, Phipps has been a destination for Pittsburghers to celebrate nature in the company of friends and family — and that means a lot of memories have been made in our gardens! When faced with difficult times, it is comforting to look back upon these memories with fondness while we wait for the Conservatory to open its doors again. To keep the Phipps community connected and growing, we invite you, our valued guests, to share your memories of Phipps with us so we may display them for others to enjoy.

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Please consider sharing your memory, including photos, an optional video, and a short story or caption using the form below. A one-time $10 processing donation upon submission will help support Phipps so we may share special times with you again when we reopen our doors. By sharing photography and stories, guests like you are joining in our walk down memory lane and celebrating the special moments they've shared at Pittsburgh's glasshouse.

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A History of Amazing Flower Shows

Windmills and dollhouses in 1913! Alice in Wonderland in 1966! Broadway melodies in 1985! SUPER. NATURAL Glass Art in 2017! Our Historic Flower Shows and Exhibits archive lets you jump to fondly remembered shows from our past and relive them room by room. 

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Explore Our Historic Timeline

Follow a chronological timeline of major Phipps events, accomplishments and impact from 1893 to the present.

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