A Guide to Nature Observation: Bugs
Jul 08

A Guide to Nature Observation: Bugs

By Sarah Cullo, LMP Program Coordinator

Summer is the perfect time to explore and observe nature! Bugs can get a bad rep but they are a great way for children to start exploring the outdoors. Explore the incredible world of bugs in your very own backyard with this outdoor scavenger hunt! 

Safety considerations: bugs and insects are cool, but they don’t always  like being picked up. When we observe some insects, like bees, need extra space for observation. They are friendly but if they feel threatened they might sting you! Explorers with allergies to bee stings and pollen should practice extra careful observation with an adult’s supervision. 


  • If a bee or wasp is flying around you stay calm. Swinging your arms and hands around will scare them. How would you feel if a giant started swatting at you!

  • If you do get stung go to an adult immediately. After the adult removes the stinger wash your hands with soap and water.

  • Make sure to wear shoes (even in your backyard!) bees and other bugs may be hiding in the grass! 

  • Avoid wearing bright colors. Bugs, especially our pollinators, are attracted to bright colors and you don’t want them mistaking you for a flower! 

  • If you are going to be walking through tall grass and foliage be sure to wear tall socks to protect your ankles. 

  • After exploring nature, have an adult help you check for tick bites. Tick bites can be sneaky! You probably won’t feel the bite and a deer tick only about the size of a sesame seed! 


As nature Investigators it is our responsibility to take care of and respect the habitats of all organisms including insects and bugs!