Grow and Spread the Seeds of Kindness
Apr 14

Grow and Spread the Seeds of Kindness

By South Allegheny Elementary

South Allegheny School District educates approximately 1,450 students in grades K-12 from the boroughs of Glassport, Liberty, Lincoln and Port Vue.

The South Allegheny Elementary (SAE) “Grow and Spread the Seeds of Kindness” project is a multi-tiered approach to promote kind behaviors and improve positive interactions among students.

The first tier is six monthly themed videos played to the entire school followed by an enrichment activity based on the video’s message. The series, titled “Kindness Cares,” is produced by HRM Media. The topics include competition & being too competitive, having different groups of friends, using kind words to build others up, how to express feeling, understanding it’s ok to be mad or frustrated, ignoring the negative behavior of others and what to do as a bystander when those around us are mistreating people.  

The second is called “Caught in the Act.” Once a student is “caught in the act,” he/she will receive a “I Saw You” comment card with the observed action from a SAE staff member and will receive a Spreading the Seeds of Kindness T-shirt for their efforts. We believe that students wearing t-shirts promoting our message will not only motivate them but also others to display kindness.

A team of Teachers established the following as criteria to be “Caught in the Act.” Students must be observed showing kindness by an adult. Observation will be at the adult’s discretion, not prompted by a student. This act must be initiated by the student (not prompted from a teacher.) This act must go above and beyond common courtesy and respect.

The third tier will be planting three sunflower seed plants near our main entrance as a constant reminder that we strive to “Grow and Spread the Seeds of Kindness” at SAE.

It is our hope that this program will benefit the students of South Allegheny Elementary for years to come!