Healthy Winter Family Activities You Can Do in Pittsburgh
Dec 15

Healthy Winter Family Activities You Can Do in Pittsburgh

By Sarah Kilpatrick, LMP Intern

First of all: enjoying your favorite holiday traditions is a healthy activity itself. This time of year is so special and healthiness includes happiness! But if you’re looking for some new ideas or you’d like to start a new tradition with your family, here are some fun (and mostly free!) things you can add to the list.

  • Holiday lights tour: grab a hot chocolate and walk around your neighborhood (or drive to a neighborhood that’s known for its light displays) to see the sights.
  • Pinecone bird feeder: run around your backyard or a park and find a pinecone. Slather it in peanut butter, roll it in some seeds, then hang and wait for the birds and squirrels to show up. Have your camera ready!
  • Movie night: pop some fresh popcorn and watch everyone’s favorites.
  • Paper chains: buy some red and green construction paper, cut it into strips, and hang them up all over the house (Buddy the Elf, anyone?)
  • Go caroling: this is a classic and a great social distancing activity to spread some cheer to your neighbors!
  • Snow fun: if it snows, try making a snowman or going sledding. Or just make some snow angels and run back inside for a hot drink!
  • Roasting chestnuts: rinse off some fresh chestnuts, score them (draw an X over them with a serrated knife so that they don’t explode from steam), then put them in a frying pan. Roast them over an open fire, on a grill, or in the broiler (each method takes about ten minutes).
  • Cut your own Christmas tree: drive out to a Christmas tree farm and get your own! Wear old, warm clothes, as it can be a sticky activity. These farms usually provide an axe, twine, and help getting it to your car.

Any activity that you can do that gets you moving is a good one, especially when it gets dark so quickly! Use the daylight when you can to try some new things this season. Happy holidays!