Phipps’ Botany in Action Fellow Publishes Again!
May 28

Phipps’ Botany in Action Fellow Publishes Again!

By Lorren Kezmoh, Outreach Coordinator, Phipps Science Education and Research

Our Botany in Action Fellows are always working to share their research with others! This time, Jessica Turner, one of our returning Botany in Action Fellows, is again the author of a recently published piece in the scientific journal Ecological Indicators! Entitled “Can putative indicator species predict habitat quality for American ginseng," Jessica’s article talks about the importance of indicator plant species such as herbs, shrubs, and trees in identifying ideal locations to reintroduce American ginseng, a rare medicinal plant. Her article also discusses the important implications of her latest findings towards American ginseng reintroduction projects as well as long-term conservation strategies.

The Botany in Action Fellowship program at Phipps fosters the development of the next generation of plant-based scientists who are committed, first, to excellent research, and second, to educational outreach; and, we are so excited for Jessica to have this great opportunity to share her work with our audience here at Phipps!

To access Jessica's full article please visit Science Direct, and to learn more about Jessica and her research visit her website here!