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Petals and Pollinators: A Youth Art Exhibition
Petals and Pollinators: A Youth Art Exhibition
Petals and Pollinators: A Youth Art Exhibition
Petals and Pollinators: A Youth Art Exhibition
Petals and Pollinators: A Youth Art Exhibition

While some plants are self or wind-pollinated, most flowering varieties require some help from birds, bees and other beneficial pollinators in order to reproduce. As part of the Fairchild Challenge environmental education competition at Phipps, we we tasked middle and high school students with creating multimedia pieces depicting a fictional flower based on its co-evolution with a specific pollinator. The entries — which include both two-dimensional visual art and three-dimensional sculpture — were thoughtfully and beautifully crafted; clearly labeled with scientifically accurate plant parts; and inventive with their co-evolved flower and pollinator traits. The results are now showcased in the Center for Sustainable Landscapes Green Gallery.

Featured Artists

Elsie Carter, Will Carter, Madison Kapisak, Sydney Knicely and Jenna Mervosh
Elizabeth Forward High School

Emma ChiChilla, Madison Kober, Brianna Stephans, Kate Polechko, Zoe Smith and Alex Wargo
Penn-Trafford High School

Emily Ehrenberger
Shaler Area High School

P.J. Squire
Shaler Area High School

Zoe Cutillo 
West Mifflin Area High School

Caden Ferita
Westinghouse Arts Academy Charter School

Mirabella Stump, Sarah Chormanski, Caitlin Workmaster and Benjamin Kvederis
Keystone Oaks High School

Tess Majewski
North Allegheny Senior High School

Shelby Gogal 
Saint Joseph High School

Allison Wygonik
Saint Joseph High School

Elyssa Pemu and Alexia Schmader
South Park High School

Nia Gambrell and Heavynn Weir 
West Mifflin Area High School

Bree Boyd, Isabele Concepcion, Mia Mamico, Max Onder, Alex Shimenko, Alicia Matthews and Briana Nesbitt
Woodland Hills Academy 

Lucy Elston, Helena Marshall, Zoe Painter, Ivan Remaley, Nathan Scott and Zoe Spear
Woodland Hills Academy 

Layla, Delilah, Luke, Graham, Sophie, Justice and Olivia
Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children 

Gigi Emahizer and Tali Brobst
Trafford Middle School 

Brianna Elias
Trafford Middle School 

Katerina Saxon, Ana Campman Sydney Avant and Avery O’Sullivan
Trinity Middle School 

Sophia Green, Mackenzie Keenan, Emma Edwards and Natalie Goldsworthy
Penn Middle School 

Jake Stahl, Sam Amodeo and Zachary Poppish
Christ the Divine Teacher Catholic Academy 

Brandon Johnson
Elizabeth Forward Middle School

Caleb Bocianoski, William Bratkowski, Lily Dranko and Suha Joe
South Allegheny Elementary School

The Fairchild Challenge was designed and initiated by Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Coral Gables, Florida. Phipps is proud to serve as a satellite site for conservation-themed activities that engage youth across the globe.

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