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Join our efforts to preserve a historic gem and secure a greener future

"Phipps is such a fun place for me to work because there is so much to learn. Everyone you talk to here knows something, usually at an expert level, that they can share. Daily I am taken by surprise or enlightened in some way by a coworker!"

Susan Smith, hired through open interviews in 2016 as a guest service associate, now an executive assistant

Built as a repository of horticultural excellence by Henry Phipps in 1893, Phipps has evolved from the nation’s first teaching conservatory to become one of the world’s “greenest” public gardens and a leader in sustainable, healthy building and operating practices. Employees at Phipps enjoy the experience of being at the forefront of the organization’s efforts to benefit both people and the natural world through buildings, practices and programs that equally value a well mind, well body and well environment. Whether installing our world-class horticulture displays, sharing education and inspiration with guests of all ages, maintaining our unforgettable visitor experience or helping out at our incredible special events, everyone at Phipps plays an essential role in communicating our mission to more than half a million annual visitors.

Working at Phipps

"Phipps is such a lovely place where everyone can glow and grow alongside all the blooms! 'Wow!' always crosses my mind when I am here, whether I’m seeing the frangipanis or my smiley coworkers. My experience with Phipps is the reason I am so impassioned about what I would like to do in my life and I am so thankful for everyone and everything at the glasshouse."

— Ramsha Khan, started in 2018 as a high school intern, now a discovery education specialist

Working at Phipps

“The best part about Phipps is the friendly environment and atmosphere the staff provide here. It's a place where you can grow with everyone.

— Jay-Ann Smith, part-time to full-time guest service associate, hired in 2017

From the 1.5-acre green building campus which houses the Conservatory’s administrative offices to the historic glasshouse that started it all, Phipps offers an employee experience like no other, with ample advancement, a broad array of professional experience opportunities, and a mission that encourages wellness and growth. Phipps provides opportunities for employees to engage with nature, enjoy physical activity, attend classes on health and wellness, and access information on health and wellness during the workday. Specific programs include the robust benefits package offered to employees, including an Employee Wellness Program, as well as a commitment to building healthy spaces for employees and engaging in learning about and incorporating sustainability into their daily lives.

Working at Phipps

"Phipps sees no limit to what people can achieve, and it shows in everything we do. To come to work each day knowing that you are a part of a team of dynamic, talented individuals who share your values and goals — at an organization which has fully integrated employee wellness and professional development into its sustainable mission — is a constant source of inspiration.”

Joe Reed, hired in 2007 as a membership assistant, now senior director of communications

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