Healthy Food Choices, Gardening and Yoga, Enhance Early Childhood and Help Children Grow!
Apr 03

Healthy Food Choices, Gardening and Yoga, Enhance Early Childhood and Help Children Grow!

By Angel's Place – Northside

The mission of Angels' Place is to aid single, student parents, who meet low-income guidelines, with family support and childcare services at no-cost while they are in school and working towards completing their education.

We provide childcare and early childhood education to children, from ages newborn up to five years old, along with family support services for student parents at no cost to families enrolled at Angels’ Place.

For 38 years and counting, Angels’ Place has been aiding these student parents so that they can complete their education, establish careers, secure meaningful employment and become self-sufficient citizens.  

The philosophy of Angels’ Place is based on a holistic approach to meeting the needs of the whole child. Our curriculum is based on the belief that children grow and develop to their potential when provided opportunities to explore, create and solve problems.

Let’s Move Pittsburgh helped the children, staff and parents at Angels’ Place incorporate wellness activities into our program to support healthy minds and bodies.

By the end of this program, we want:

Goal #1: Our students to be able to name five foods that make their bodies healthy.

Goal #2: Our students to be able to persist in organized yoga classes.

Goal #3: Our students to better understand how fresh fruits and vegetables are grown.

An essential component of a nurturing environment is providing nutrition and health education as part of our Early Childhood Education program. Support will allow for seasonal fruits and vegetables to be purchased throughout the school year and incorporated at mealtimes by the Nutritional Coordinator and in classroom demonstrations and tastings with teachers. Our science curriculum combined with our nutrition curriculum and activities will include gardening and studying the life cycle of plants through growing flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables.