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Featured Farmer: Apoidea Apiary
Oct 27

Featured Farmer: Apoidea Apiary

By Phipps Conservatory

Wednesday from 2:30 – 6:30 p.m., it's the last Farmers at Phipps of the year, and the amazing Apoidea Apiary will feature the 2015 Good Food Award-winning Rosemary Knotweed Honey and the Halloween favorite, Hellbroth Fire Honey. Hellbroth is an spicy fun infusion inspired by the real (and tasty) herbs historians speculate were in the witches brew from Shakespeare's play "Macbeth." This infusion goes well drizzled over a cauldron of piping hot oatmeal for fall morning breakfast.

Apoidea Apiary is a artisan studio focused on creative methods of engagement with the diverse world of bees to deepen understanding of their importance as keystone species in a healthy ecology. Honey crafting is Apoidea's taste exploration specialty. Apoidea's honeybees are the true artisans who meticulously collect seasonal floral nectars to make raw honey. This raw honey is infused with organic and locally-sourced (where possible) herbs to create extraordinary award-winning blends perfect for artisan food pairings. Visit the Apoidea website to learn more.

Photos © Apoidea Apiary