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Leaf and take a walk and talk
Oct 26

Leaf and take a walk and talk

By Christina Hayduchok, LMP Intern

The turn of the season has come and we are diving deeper into a new normal, looking forward to the holidays. With this, finding new ways to be active are needed to help keep us healthy and connected. As the leaves start to change colors and fall from the trees, we remember why we love Autumn and why it was nicknamed Fall!

One place to get started is going for a leaf walk and talk. Step outside and plan a route or see where the wind takes you. Invite members in your household to join you for a change of settings and a breath of fresh air. Be sure to bundle up or take an umbrella if needed. As you march around your neighborhood or the park, take note of what is around you. Listen for new bird sounds, search for critters burying seeds, and find crunchy leaves. Encourage your little one(s) to collect leaves along the way and challenge them to describe their leaf. A few prompting questions include:

What color is your leaf? What other items share the same color?

How many pointy ends do your leaves have?

Can you put your leaves in order from smallest to biggest?

How are your leaves similar or different from one another?

With other members on the walk, feel free to spark discussion about their favorite fall activities or what they may be anticipating. Connecting to each other while moving is a great way to pair positive relationship building with doing something positive for your body. Try challenging yourself or your household to walk once a week or build up to daily walks before the weather gets too chilly. If you want to add a little extra physical activity to your walk try out this fall inspired Pop-up activity! 


          Enjoy your leaf walk and talk! We would love to hear in the comments where you decide to go and what you see along the way.