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Volunteer Spotlight: Laura Beck
Jan 28

Volunteer Spotlight: Laura Beck

By Abby Krick

Phipps is well-known for our beautiful gardens, seasonal flower shows, pioneering sustainability initiatives, informative educational programs and community outreach. None of our work, however, would be possible without the knowledge and dedication of our volunteers. In this series of profiles, we meet some of the people who give their time to make Phipps possible.

Since 2016, Laura Beck has been volunteering for Phipps while studying for a degree in non-fiction writing. After receiving her degree, Laura decided to stick around to help Phipps wherever she could as a volunteer.

Laura was first interested in volunteering after her mom suggested it. “I credit my mom for getting me interested in gardening, and while I went to school at Pitt, I appreciated the close proximity to Phipps,” she says. She also can’t seem to leave the happy atmosphere and friendly people she has met along the way. This happiness radiates through her work, which pushes her to help create a magical experience for guests.

Most can find Laura helping all over Phipps wherever she is needed, from helping to install shows with the horticulture staff to working the Discovery Team’s Pot-a-Plant stations. Seeing the excitement, appreciation and overall awe from guests experiencing Phipps’ seasonal flower shows is one Laura’s favorite parts of being a volunteer. When she’s onsite, she says, “People pass by and compliment the hard work everyone has done. It’s satisfying to watch the gardens bring so much joy.”


Soooo sweet!

By Elisa Beck on Jan 29, 2021