Welcome Phipps’ 2016 Summer Interns!
Jun 22

Welcome Phipps’ 2016 Summer Interns!

By Alisha Alexander and Allani Mosley

From tending garden beds and arranging exhibit displays to whipping up their own unique culinary creations, our high school interns are keeping busy this summer here at Phipps! 'In with the Interns' is a segment featuring our 2016 high school interns; this segment will explore what they do, learn and experience this summer during their internship. This week we will hear from two of our interns as they describe what the best part of their internship has been so far.

Our names are Alisha Alexander and Allani Mosely, and we are the returning interns from last year as part of Phipps Conservatory’s high school internship. The program is a chance for high school students to learn valuable horticulture information, gain landscaping experience, and learn about other environmental topics. We also have the opportunity to cook and create healthy recipes with all of the food that the interns grow. We are all looking forward to the upcoming weeks of the internships.

Photograph taken by Sahar Arbab.