Featured Farmer: Brenckle’s Organic Farm and Greenhouse
Jul 27

Featured Farmer: Brenckle’s Organic Farm and Greenhouse

By Phipps Conservatory

At this week's Farmers at Phipps market, Brenckle's Organic Farm and Greenhouse will feature eggplant and jalapeño peppers along with a plethora of other veggies. Brenckle’s is a family-owned farm since 1949 and is committed to high-quality produce and farming. Farming their land for three generations, with each generation bringing new passions and ideas to build upon time honored traditions, the Brenckle family maintain a full line of greenhouse products and a vegetable farm, growing many of the same items their grandfather did. Brenckle’s has been certified organic by Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association since 2006. Visit them and the rest of our farmers this Wednesday from 2:30 – 6:30 p.m. at Farmers at Phipps!

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Photos © Paul g Wiegman