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Summer Camp Recap: Fairytale Forest
Jul 23

Summer Camp Recap: Fairytale Forest

By Carolyn Carlins, Facilitator, Phipps Science Education and Research

Summer Camp Recap - is our weekly seasonal segment featuring our summer camp programs. This is the place for camp parents to find pictures of their campers in action and see all the fun things we did all week. It’s also a great place for educators to pick up craft, story and lesson ideas for their own early childhood programs!

Fairytale Forest

Last week’s camp, Fairytale Forest, created a magical world of plants for our 4-5 year olds. Every day campers read a different fairytale and learned about its featured plants through activities, crafts, and exploration. The camp featured: Cinderella and her pumpkin, Stone Soup and vegetable gardens, The Princess and the Pea (and peas!), The Little Red Hen and her wheat, and Jack and the Beanstalk and different seeds. Our little princes and princesses met an assortment of Phipps characters such as Farmer Mike in his edible garden and Chef John in the Phipps Café. Throughout the week, campers learned about how plants grow and even met a real princess!

Backyard Connection:

Paint with rocks! Take a walk outside and collect a few interestingly shaped rocks. Prepare a palate of bright colors and use the rocks as your stampers or paintbrush. Explore different sizes, shapes, and strokes.

For more pictures from this week's camp, please visit the Science Education and Research Facebook page here!

Photographs taken by Phipps Science Education staff.