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Spring Flower Show: Five Senses of Splendor
Spring Flower Show: Five Senses of Splendor
Spring Flower Show: Five Senses of Splendor
Spring Flower Show: Five Senses of Splendor

Awaken your senses with endless beauty, bright colors and exciting features in Phipps' Spring Flower Show.

Spring Flower Show always provides the burst of color and fragrance you've been missing all winter long and this year’s Spring Flower Show: Five Senses of Splendor promises even more vibrance than ever!

Opening Sat., March 18 and only lasting four weeks, these stunning displays are a must-see to jump-start your season of renewal. With features including a giant perfume bottle, harmonious chime canopies, a cascading fountain and more all surrounded by blooms in a rainbow of shades, your senses are sure to be delighted! 

Exhibit Features

  • Delight at tens of thousands of spring blooms, including signature lilies, amaryllis, petunias, daffodils, tulips and hyacinths in striking shades of blue, yellow, pink and more
  • Breathe in the fragrant springtime flowers as they bloom alongside an oversized perfume bottle in Palm Court
  • Hear beautiful sounds in the Sunken Garden as you stroll among the colorful chime canopies 
  • Enjoy a sea of white, peach and pink blooms in our Victoria Room while feeling unique plant textures around the interactive grand fountain in the center 
  • Watch a serene stream bubble beneath a red footbrige in the Japanese-style inspired South Conservatory full of marvelous red and white flowers
  • Listen to the essential springtime sound of birds chirping peacefully atop ornate bird houses 
  • Extend your sensory experience with a spring-inspired meal or beverage at Café Phipps 
  • And much more!

Spring Flower Show: Five Senses of Splendor, designed by Associate Director of Exhibits Jordyn Melino, runs March 18 – April 16.

Photos © Paul g. Wiegman, Brian Cohen, Phil Johnson ll

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