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Summer Flower Show: Under the Sea
Summer Flower Show: Under the Sea
Summer Flower Show: Under the Sea
Summer Flower Show: Under the Sea

This summer, dive into the magical underworld of the ocean with whimsical displays of an array of sea creatures, unique foliage and fantastic flora. 

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Summer Flower Show: Under the Sea invites you to set sail on an underwater adventure! Adding a new dimension to Phipps' passion for connecting people to nature, this show highlights the vibrant life in the ocean. With fun-filled displays that transport guests directly to scenes from the sea, Phipps provides an unforgettable journey for all. 

Opening Sat., May 4, this spectacular show features room after room of charming sea creatures, beautiful blooms, and shimmering blue and green lighting. Prepare to be wowed as you behold amazing aquatic displays that will be an exciting kickoff to your summer!

  • Upon arrival, you’ll be “whale-comed” to the show by a giant whale prop swimming through a sea of bright blue blooms
  • View a larger-than-life octopus sitting beneath a canopy of glowing jellyfish in our Palm Court
  • Watch topiary seahorses float in the Victoria pond as a scuba diver captures the beauty from above
  • Stroll among sea turtles, angelfish and cardinalfish in the Gallery Room as an eel makes its way through blue, yellow and coral flora
  • Gaze at a glowing treasure chest and an animatronic shark amid the shipwreck scene in the South Conservatory
  • Marvel at a 16-foot-long whale sculpture by artist Sayaka Ganz in the Serpentine Room

Watch the Summer Flower Show Virtual Tour Video

Enjoy the beauty of Summer Flower Show: Under the Sea from the comfort of your own home! Our Virtual Tour Video includes a 20-minute video journey through every room in this year's fantastic show followed by an alternate version with commentary from Phipps staff. The video can be rented or purchased to watch as many times as you'd like. 

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Summer Flower Show: Under the Sea, designed by Associate Director of Exhibits Jordyn Melino, runs May 4 – Sept. 8.

Photos © Paul g. Wiegman, Paul Vladuchick, Phil Johnson ll

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