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Welcome to the Fabulous Fairchild Hats Online Gallery!

Hats have been used for protection from the elements, as well as expressions of fashion, identity, community and distinction for millennia. In recent years, the fashion industry has ballooned into what is called “fast fashion.” With clothing being produced and sold at low costs and styles changing frequently, consumers are persuaded to buy new items often, resulting in significant negative impacts to environmental and human health. Sustainable fashion such as thrifting and repurposing materials has become a popular way of combating the harmful effects of fast fashion while also creating beautiful, custom outfits that express your unique style.

Area middle and high school students were challenged to create their own fabulous, wearable hats made from repurposed materials as part of the Fairchild Challenge. They were encouraged to let their interests and aesthetics inspire them to create a hat that makes a statement, and materials for the hats could not be purchased new; they had to be found at home or school, recycled, or purchased from a secondhand store. Nearly 350 students in grades K-12 created hats for this challenge!


Madi G., Riley J. and Sydney M.

8th Grade, Penn Middle School

"The inspiration for our hat is a warm, sunny beach day. For our hat we created the “Surf Shack” which has water and soda bottles made from beads of a variety of colors."

Naomi R.

4th Grade, Turtle Creek Elementary

"The inspiration for my hat is my love for pollinators, flowers, and the environment."

Costa W.

4th Grade, Turtle Creek Elementary

"My inspiration for the hat was to show how there is happiness and there is sadness. That's why there is a blank side and a side full of flowers on my hat."

Madeleine F.

12th Grade, Penn-Trafford High School

"I absolutely love the gaudiness of the 80s: the big hair, the clashing animal prints, the endless supply of latex and leathers. Of course, I wanted my hat to echo this time period."

Lillian D.

7th Grade, Avonworth Middle School

"Seeing dangling objects from hats, tall brims, and the general shape of most sun hats gave me the idea to create a jellyfish hat."

Lauralei K.

6th Grade, Archangel Gabriel Catholic School

"My inspiration was sun hats and spring."

Selin E. and Misaki Q.

6th Grade, Carson Middle School

"We were inspired by mushrooms in nature. We loved how unique each mushroom was and how pretty they were, so we decided to make that the theme of our hat."

Simran S.

6th Grade, Marshall Middle School

"My inspiration was Billy Porter mixed with a little bit of India’s style."

Honorable Mentions:

Elementary School:

Delaney B. and Adriana B.

2nd Grade, Belle Valley 

Holden B. and Luke J.

3rd and 1st Grade, Belle Valley 

Ariana T.

3rd Grade, Evergreen 

Jenna R.

2nd Grade, Evergreen 

Ayesha K.

4th Grade, Grandview

Nathan B.

5th Grade, Grandview

Adriana S.

5th Grade, Tracy  

Aurora S.

3th Grade, Tracy 

Aila L.

5th Grade, Turtle Creek 

Kyra S.

3rd Grade, Turtle Creek 

Middle School:

Sebastian J.

6th Grade, Archangel Gabriel

Alexa B. and Keara D.

7th Grade, Avonworth

Phoebe M.

8th Grade, Avonworth

Katie F., Daisy L. and Lucy H.

7th Grade, Carson

Elizabeth A. and Emilee B.

7th Grade, Dickson STEAM

Luke D. and Levi D.

7th Grade, Dickson STEAM

Emma C., Mackenna D. and Mackenzie M.

7th Grade, Freeport

Lily N.

8th Grade, Ingomar

Amy M. and Caitlin D.

6th Grade, Penn

Liam M.

6th Grade, Penn

Alexa R.

8th Grade, Queen of Angels

Prudence K.

6th Grade, Queen of Angels

Sara O.

7th Grade, Queen of Angels

Sullivan M.

7th Grade, Queen of Angels

Alex S.

8th Grade, Trafford

Delaney R.

8th Grade, Trafford

High School:

Alessandro R.

9th Grade, Central Catholic

Eric J.

9th Grade, Central Catholic

Jacob H.

9th Grade, Central Catholic

Nolan A.

9th Grade, Central Catholic

Reece H.

9th Grade, Central Catholic

Annelie G.

11th Grade, Mars

Cece C.

11th Grade, Mars

Emily W.

12th Grade, North Allegheny

Delena S., Mark H. and Tika G.

12th Grade, 12th Grade and 9th Grade, Penn-Trafford

Kalynn J.

10th Grade, Penn-Trafford

Kate M., Kristina H. and Mya M.

12th Grade, 12th Grade and 10th Grade, Penn-Trafford

Charlie R.

12th Grade, Shaler

Gabi E.

9th Grade, Shaler

Grace H.

9th Grade, Shaler

Finn M.

9th Grade, University School

Natasha A.

10th Grade, University School

Nina H.

10th Grade, University School

Gina W. and Madysen R.

9th Grade, West Mifflin

Max H. and RJ O. 

9th Grade, West Mifflin