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Sustainability Training Workshop

What Does Good Look Like? Getting the Green Building You Want

How can you get the building that meets your values and aspirations? Many of us start out with good intentions to build a green building, yet often we fail to meet our own high expectations. Understanding your values and how they can be translated into a building is important, as is the need to clearly define your expectations before hiring a design team.

In this interactive workshop we will walk through some of the most important rating systems (Living Building Challenge™, LEED®, WELL™, Fitwel® and Sustainable SITES™) related to green buildings, human health and landscapes. We will then show how to use them to help you to clearly define your expectations, before you hire a design team, and set yourself up for success. How can you assess your organization’s short- and long-term needs? How do you gain internal and external support to go to the next level? What should be in your contract? Get the answers from the developers of an internationally recognized model of sustainability.

Benefits for You

  • Go beyond the classroom and see the rating systems in action with an immersive exploration of one of the greenest buildings in the world
  • Gain firsthand knowledge from the only team to achieve Living Building Challenge, LEED, WELL and Sustainable SITES certifications in one project
  • Discover the nature-inspired systems thinking and facilitated integrative design processes which drive sustainable innovation

Who Should Attend?

C-level executives, directors, vice presidents, directors and senior staff members of:

  • sustainability
  • operations
  • programs
  • capital projects and facilities

Leaders in environment, health, human resources, public relations and communications who work on sustainability will also benefit.

What People Are Saying

Read what some of our past attendees have to say about Phipps' Sustainability Workshop:

"It was an eye opening experience. You don't see very many organizations that know what they want included in a construction project, but Phipps does. Phipps has set their standards from design, construction, equipment, materials and expectations. They have set the bar."

— Ronald Dulceak, head of facilities, Chicago's Morton Arboretum

"The staff of Phipps made us all feel entirely welcome and nurtured our thought processes about approaching and envisioning green buildings. The group of attendees was remarkably diverse, both in their backgrounds and interests, making the forum much richer. I would highly recommend that others attend future symposiums."

Bill Mills, executive director, West Virginia Botanic Garden

The Leaders

Richard Piacentini, WELL AP is Phipps’ president and CEO. Since 1994, he has led the green transformation of Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, including construction of the Center for Sustainable Landscapes, the only building in the world to meet Living Building Challenge™, LEED® Platinum, WELL™ Platinum, and SITES™ Platinum certifications. Richard is interested in the connection between people and plants particularly as it relates to human and environmental health. He has received numerous professional honors, including APGA, ILFI and USGBC leadership awards.

Jason Wirick, LEED AP, WELL AP is Phipps’ director of facilities and sustainability, working to advance sustainable design, and initiate safe, healthy and green operating practices. He holds a B.S. from Virginia Tech University and a M.B.A., with a focus on corporate sustainability and social responsibility, from Duquesne University. Jason has supervised hundreds of contractors on award-winning projects. In 2015, Jason received Healthcare Garden Design Certification from the Joseph Regenstein, Jr. School of the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Meghan Scanlon, WELL AP, Phipps' wellness and sustainability specialist, acts as a change agent for the Conservatory, facilitating new ways to connect human and environmental health within Phipps and other organizations. Her expertise in developing and implementing targeted sustainable wellness practice standards enhances Phipps’ mission. In Studio Phipps, she inspires others by sharing the knowledge Phipps has gathered about sustainability and health through our design projects and operations. Meghan holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and public policy, and she has over 10 years of environmental impact documentation, land conservation and green infrastructure design experience.

The Venue

The Center for Sustainable Landscapes (CSL) at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens generates all of its own energy, treats all storm and sanitary water captured on-site, and is the first and only building to meet four of the highest green certifications. As Phipps’ education, research and administration facility, the CSL focuses attention on the intersection between the built and natural environments and demonstrating that human and environmental health are inextricably connected.

Questions? Contact Meghan Scanlon at 412/622-6915, ext. 3703 or mscanlon@phipps.conservatory.org.

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