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Seeds are tiny but mighty! Read on to learn about how to germinate seeds, discover why seeds are so nutritious, engage in a seed-themed yoga class and get cooking in the kitchen!

Gardening Basics: Seed Starting
Jennifer here! Are you up for the adventure of starting your own seeds? Check out what is growing in my garden!
Planting seeds is not always as easy as just placing them in the soil. My cardinal vine seeds needed to soak in water overnight, while my hardy hibiscus needed me to nick their seed coats. The funniest were my blue false indigo seeds, who wanted a sandpaper massage before they were planted! Cold-reliant seeds like milkweed and its relatives need to live in your refrigerator for a month on a damp paper towel before growing, or you could try planting them in the fall. It is helpful to read about your seeds' needs before planting. I hope that you find starting your own seeds to be as rewarding of an experience as I do!

For more information, check out the full story on what I have growing at home.

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Mindful Movement: Backyard Seed Yoga
The welcome change of spring inspires us to go outside to celebrate the longer days and budding trees. Gather the whole family to engage in a seed-inspired yoga flow.

What’s Cooking?: Seed Packed Homemade Energy Bars
Come join us in making homemade energy bars! These family fun treats are protein-packed and filling, without the plastic packaging or added sugar. Enjoy!

Watch the Cooking Demo

BONUS: The Power of Seeds Healthful Fats Webinar

Magnesium, ALA Omega-3s and protein are just a few of the nutrients seeds have to offer us. Learn about the health benefits of nuts and seeds as well as exploring some popular food myths about healthy fats.

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