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Welcome to the Troll Crossing, where the trolls you make come to introduce themselves!

Here at the Troll Crossing, all the trolls you've sent to Phipps through our Make Your Own Troll challenge get a chance to say hello and show off their unique features. Scroll down to see all the trolls we've received so far, and stay tuned for updates as more trolls arrive! 

Have you sent your troll yet? We're still accepting entries!

Garbage Can

Created by Samantha, Age 7

"Name: Garbage Can. Love: banana peels. Color: green."


Created by Elizabeth, Age 7

"Hula is my name. I play the accordion. Love apples."


Created by Madilynn, Age 9

"Her name is Art. She loves to paint and her favorite color is rainbow."

Happy Troll

Created by Paige, Age 5

"This is Happy Troll and her family. She likes to run in the forest and play in the streams. Her favorite snacks are hummus, watermelon and chips. She like to drink a lot of water she gets really thirsty running around."


Created by Randy, Age 10

"My troll's name is Greg. He likes to eat people, but only the ones made of gingerbread! Greg's favorite color is green."

Sally the Leaf Troll

Created by Maria, Age 5

"This is Sally the Leaf Troll. She is celebrating Christmas with her pet cats. Her favorite color is green. She loves to eat fruit of any kind but especially grapefruit."

Created by Norah, Age 5

"My troll loves rainbows. Her favorite snack is coconut and she enjoys spending time in her castle!"


Created by Kate, Age 11

"This is Historia! She loves to read and gaze at the moon. Her favorite color is purple, and her favorite food is Mochi and bread."


Created by Emily, Age 5

"The troll’s name is Avalonia. She likes to eat Mac and Cheese. She likes drawing."

Fiona and Addy

Created by Alexandria, Age 7

"This is Fiona and her puppy, Addy. They are the best of friends."


Created by Josephina, Age 7

"Her name is Azul. Her favorite color is turquoise and her favorite snack is blueberries."

The Healing Troll

Created by Cadence, Age 7

"This is the healing troll. She can help you when you are sick, hurt, blue or miss somebody."


Created by Mia, Age 10

"My name is Phippy! I love gardening and flowers. My favorite color is orange and I love tacos!!"


Created by Mileena, Age 7

"My troll's name is Lucky. She found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Her favorite color is green."

Trolls Around the World

Created by Ian, Age 5

"The Trolls are from Italy, Spain, Russia, Antarctica, United States and Colombia. They like to eat green peas, friend chicken, chocolate chip cookies and plantain chips. They like to ride bicycles and go fast like cheetahs!"


Created by Heidi, Age 8

"Fuzzbert the Troll is on the bridge. He is camping with his Troll friends. His favorite color is green."

Poppy the Troll

Created by Claudia, Age 6

"Poppy the Troll loves picnics with strawberries and water among the flowers. Her favorite color is pink."


Created by Rory, Age 3

"Her name is Jessie. She likes to eat apples. Her favorite color is blue like me. Her favorite bird is the robin."

Butterfly Box

Created by Zoe, Age 5

"My troll's name is Butterfly Box. Her favorite color is purple. She likes to eat rainbow sprinkles."

Sparkly Cupcake Troll

Created by Oliver, Age 6

"Sparkly cupcake troll. Her favorite color is the rainbow and her favorite animal is the unicorn."

Ann Jr., Sprig Jr., Hop Pop Jr. and Polly Jr.

Created by Lydia, Age 5

"This is Ann jr., Sprig jr., Hop Pop jr., & Polly jr. They like rainbows! Their favorite color is pink."

Summer Poppy

Created by Nora, Age 4

"This is “Summer Poppy”, her favorite color is everything rainbow, her favorite treat is summer time popsicles and she loves to dance in the flowers."


Created by Carmella, Age 5

"Carmella's Troll is named Kiki, and she Loves Her Mom!"

Mega Godzilla

Created by Logan, Age 8

"Troll’s name: Mega Godzilla Favorite color: Blue Favorite food: Pizza He loves playing games and doing magic tricks."

Blueberry and Sky

Created by Lucy, Age 8

"Trolls’ names: Blueberry and Sky Favorite food: Blue cotton candy Favorite thing to do: Helping people and skateboarding Favorite colors: Red and orange"


Created by Lana, Age 11

"Hi, I'm Booger! I like to smash trees with my club."


Created by Kalliam, Age 9

"Hi! My name is Happy! I give flowers to random strangers. What's that? You eat trolls? You want a flower?"


Created by Archer, Age 6

"Rainbow is a troll from Rainbow Land. She is six years old and loves art. Her job is to create all the rainbows in Rainbow Land. She has no favorite color because all the colors are her favorite. She likes to play tag with her friends."

Bigfoot The Candy Troll

Created by Erica, Age 9

"Bigfoot the candy troll gives candy to fairies while they are crossing his bridge. Sadly, some fairies don't go because he is so hideous. This picture shows a confetti fairy bravely crossing his bridge."

Princess Flora Jade Violet

Created by Abigail, Age 11

"Princess Flora Jade Violet, of the Archipelago of Abigailia, is the caretaker of flowers on Orchid Island."


Created by Jonas, Age 6

"His name is Squirsh. His favorite color is red. His favorite snack are Carrots. His favorite dessert is Carrot Cake. He has a hat and jacket that help protect him while he lives underground. He was able to get there because moles dug the tunnels. He is a non-warty troll. One fun trick is that he can turn his hat into a daisy. It's a fun trick that he likes to do for his friend, Cowley the Mole."

The Green Bellied Troll

Created by Ezra, Age 4

"The Green Bellied Troll. His favorite color is Gold. His favorite snack are Apples and likes to make apple muffins. (He is protecting the apple tress from others). He can smell and hear from far away. He can smell all the way to the North Pole and to outer space. His best friend is a troll like fish. Which The Green Bellied Troll can transform himself with fishlike features when he is visiting his best friend. His favorite dessert is apple pie."

Created by Lyric, Age 6

"Her magic is snickers."


Created by Teddy, Age 5

"My troll is Rainbow. His favorite color is rainbow. His heart is goldfish."


Created by Aubrie, Age 3

"My name is Kiwi. I like to dance."

Rainbow Troll

Created by Olivia, Age 6

"Rainbow troll. She likes to eat pizza and her favorite color is blue.Her favorite shape is stars. Her sister’s name is Kiwi."

Sundae & Paisley

Created by Summer, Age 8

"Sundae & Paisley. Sundae's favorite colors are Rainbow, and Paisley's favorite colors are Orange & Yellow."


Created by Adelaide, Age 3

"This is India. Her favorite color is purple. She loves to eat strawberry cookies. What makes her so special is her heart! "

Katie & Addie

Created by Cassidy, Age 4

"These trolls are Katie and Addie. They like to dance and do gymnastics. They love peaches."


Created by Alaina, Age 11

"This is Dizzy, the painting troll! She loves to paint bright pictures and hang with her friends! She doesn't have a favorite color, she loves them all!"

Queen Cupcake & Princess Popsicle

Created by Svetlana, Age 6

"Queen Cupcake and Princess Popsicle like to eat crackers."

Ruby & Dot

Created by Jack, Age 2

"This is Ruby and Dot. They have crazy rainbow hair and like to paint. They like to sing songs and ride trains."


Created by Dawson, Age 5

"He loves to eat houses and drink mud. His favorite color is green."


Created by Owyn, Age 3

"Hi, I'm Lego. I like to eat mac and cheese and ice cream. My favorite color is green. You can always find me singing with my friends."

Piza and Leva

Created by Adelaide, Age 5

"Piza and her baby, Leva, are out for a day at the beach. Piza’s favorite colors are pink and purple and her favorite food is light bulbs; Leva’s favorite colors are green and blue and Leva's favorite food is grilled cheese."

Queen Rainbow

Created by Alison, Age 7

"This is Queen Rainbow. She loves all the colors. She loves to eat Oreos with milk. She loves to sing and play. And everyday she makes colorful clothes for her other troll friends. She also makes little troll dolls to play with."

Sprinkle Cupcake

Created by Meadow, Age 8

"Sprinkle cupcake loves cake and lemonade. She lives in the forest and loves the colors of the rainbow."


Created by Penelope, Age 7

"My trolls name is Lola. Her favorite color is blue. Her favorite snack is tomatoes. She doesn’t like chocolate. She loves parties."

Timmy and Sarah

Created by Ryan, Age 10

"This is Timmy and his friend Sarah. Their favorite colors are neon green and red. Their favorite snacks are desserts of any kind. They have magic to cure the coronavirus."


Created by Eliza, Age 10

"This troll goes by the name of Flora. She can flutter and flitter with her butterfly wings. She loves the colors of the rainbow and pink!"

Daisy Troll

Created by Abby, Age 9

"This is Daisy Troll. Her favorite color is blue, and her hobbies are drawing and painting."

Bushleg and Rocky Mossimo

Created by Davienne, Age 6

"Meet Bushleg and Rocky Mossimo! Bushleg dips his fuzzy toes in the water and loves to eat tree flowers. His favorite color is purple. Rocky Mossimo is rocky and mossy. He loves the color grey and enjoys nibbling on tall grass. These trolls are best friends, and their favorite thing is playing in the sun along the riverbank."


Created by Landon, Age 4

"His name is stegosaurus. His favorite color is blue. He's very chubby and likes to eat branches."

Queen of The Garden

Created by Sophia, Age 10

"This troll is named 'Queen of the Garden.' She loves moss pizza, snacking on moss, the color purple and her friends."


Created by Quinn, Age 7

"My troll's name is Lily. Her favorite color is purple. Her favorite snack is grapes."


Created by Gianna, Age 8

"Please meet 'Fluffalot.' She loves pizza, eating tea with crumpets in the garden, the color purple and her friends."


Created by Isabella, Age 6

"My trolls name is Glitter. My favorite color is pink and my favorite food is mac cheese and veggies."


Created by Natalie, Age 9

"My trolls name is Rainbow. Her favorite color is every color in the rainbow and her favorite food is rainbow food."

Rainbow and Hairy Berry

Created by Heidi, Age 6

"These trolls are Rainbow and Hairy Berry. Hairy Berry is a hairstylist and she likes to eat berries, especially strawberries. Rainbow likes to eat foods that are red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Her favorite colors are red and purple, and she likes to control her troll hair by getting it cut every week. Her hat is on the ground."


Created by Dallas, Age 4

"This is Shako. Shako likes to dance. He eats everything he can find, even worms and crayons! He is very mean and scary. He scares people at nighttime, like a monster."

Kitty Cat

Created by Carly, Age 2

"This is Kitty Cat. Kitty Cat is a nice troll. She loves eating strawberry applesauce, playing and watching TV. She says, 'meow.'"


Created by Myah, Age 8

"This troll's name is Zoe, her favorite color is pink rainbow, her favorite snack is cupcakes, her favorite animal is a butterfly named Rosey and her favorite plant is a rose."


Created by Caroline, Age 8

"This troll's name is Lilly. Her favorite color is green. Her favorite snack is peppermint ice cream, and her favorite animal is a squirrel named MoJoJoJo."


Created by Jacob, Age 5

"My trolls name is Branch. He likes to eat Jell-O, marshmallows and meat."


Created by Ashlee, Age 7

"My trolls name is Rose. She likes to eat Jell-O."


Created by Nathan, Age 10

"Pitt the Avocatroll's favorite colors are green and brown, and he loves plants. His moss vest is his favorite piece of clothing."


Created by Ruby, Age 4

"My troll's name is Ruby, and she is also an elf. She's swimming in the swimming pool. There are diving rings in the pool. "

Lulu and Lola

Created by Lola, Age 7

"Lulu and Lola's favorite activity is the dance. They are twins and they love crepes. Fefe is their pet bug."


Created by Sabrina, Age 9

"This troll's name is Willow. Her favorite snack is blackberries. She likes to paint and play softball."

Grunter the Grumpy

Created by Ismael, Age 11

"My troll's name is Grunter the Grumpy. His favorite color is black. His favorite snack is Oreos, and he is grumpy all the time. I think flowers will make him happier."


Created by Isla, Age 9

"Mino's favorite color is red."


Created by Paige, Age 7

"Sadly's favorite color is pink. Sadly is sad because he does not have a friend."


Created by Brynn, Age 7

"London's favorite color is glitter, her favorite snack is icing cookies and her favorite drink is pink lemonade."


Created by Eve, Age 5

"My troll's name is Poppy. She likes the colors blue and yellow and to eat pizza."


Created by Grace, Age 7

"My troll's name is Bickey. He likes the color red and to eat popcorn."


Created by Madeleine, Age 9

"My troll's name is Frank. He loves the color green and to eat pineapple."

Mal: The Flower Power Troll

Created by Elise, Age 6

"This is Mal the Flower Power Troll. She helps all living things grow by creating rain, sun and rainbows wherever they are needed. Her favorite thing to do is help flowers and others in need, and she loves to eat cupcakes."

Princess Flower

Created by Genevieve, Age 6

"This is Princess Flower. She waters the flowers with her watering can and can use her magic hair to help the flowers grow."

Unicorn Flower

Created by Hazel, Age 5

"This is Unicorn Flower. Her favorite colors are yellow, pink, teal and purple and she loves to eat strawberries and to smell flowers. Unicorn Flower also loves to draw!"


Created by Alyssa, Age 12

"Violet Love's favorite color is purple and she loves apple dumplings. She also likes cacti and succulents."


Created by Noelle, Age 8

"This is Roxy. Her favorite colors are purple and blue. Her favorite snack is grapes, and she loves every kind of flower."


Created by Lily, Age 11

"This is Toby. His favorite color is pale yellow and his favorite flowers are daffodils. He likes to snack on ladybugs."


Created by Jacob, Age 10

"My troll's name is Kiya. Her favorite color is blue. She likes to eat blueberries. She is very kind, and she loves to make new friends."


Created by Brianna, Age 10

"My troll's name is Razi. Razi loves to eat popcorn. Her favorite color is turquoise. She likes to jump on trampolines, ride her bike, and make new friends."



Created by Luke, Age 4

"Cutie eats marshmallows. His favorite color is blue, and he’s in a marching band with his friends."


Created by Maylee, Age 9

"Congoraly is a troll that has a big heart! She takes care of stray cats and finds them a good home. She has cattails for hair and everyone says she is the "cat's meow!""


Created by Madeline, Age 9

"This is my troll named Plum. She is a night troll that takes care of the lightning bugs. Her best friend is an owl. She loves to eat blackberries. She liked to collect shiny crystals."

Terrible Terry

Created by Somil, Age 8

"1. Troll Name : Terrible Terry 2. favorite color : Red 3. favorite Snack : Grass. He think himself to be bird."

Rattle Orange

Created by Cohen, Age 8

"Trolls name: rattle Favorite color: green; Favorite snack: Cheese; Trolls last name: orange"


Created by Aiden, Age 5

"This is Science, he is a bug scientist. Who catches bugs to learn about them and then let's them go. Except for his pet water strider (Sea Skater). His favorite color is yellow and red."

Glitter Bomb

Created by Ella, Age 8

"Glitter bomb’s favorite food is spaghetti. She likes to spend her time dancing and being outdoors. Her favorite color is magenta."

Princess Poppy

Created by Ariana, Age 5

"Princess Poppy with her critter friend looking in the garden for colorful eggs and a special bunny when she finds them she’ll give you a big thumbs up!!"


Created by Adelyn, Age 6

"Troll name: Biscuit; Favorite color: blue; Favorite snack: gingerbread cookies. Biscuit loves to dance in the rain."

Tiny Poppy

Created by Jeeya, Age 5

"My troll's name is Tiny Poppy. She is Poppy and Branch's baby girl. Her favorite snack is watermelon. She loves colors of rainbow. Tiny Poppy is very kind and is just like her mom!"


Created by Saoirse, Age 2.5

"This is Troll. His favorite food is cake, his favorite color is pink and his favorite animal is a monkey."

Mr. Moggy

Created by Lukas, Age 7

"Mr. Moggy likes the color orange and enjoys eating meatballs!"

Rosey The Troll

Created by PJ, Age 6

"Favorite color is pink, loves cupcakes, cleaning & helping animals"

Rosey The Troll

Country Troll

Created by Brooke, Age 6

"Meet my country troll. She likes to hike everywhere and go swimming. Her favorite color is pink and her favorite food is pancakes. "

Lucy The Nature Troll

Created by Hannah, Age 7

" She loves plants and flowers. Her favorite color is red and her favorite snack is trail mix."

Lucy the Nature Troll

Delilah The Nature Troll 

Created by Cecelia, Age 10

"Delilah loves caring for animals. She has her own fox ginger. Her favorite color is light pink and her favorite snack is strawberries. Her little sister is "Lucy the nature troll"."

Delilah the Nature Troll

Created by Vada, Age 5

Cherry, Fundle & Rockstar

Created by Cassie, Age 9

"Cherry, Fundle, and Rockstar are troll friends. They love to play in the yard together."

Cherry, Fundle & Rockstar

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