Welcome to the Troll Crossing, where the trolls you make come to introduce themselves!

Here at the Troll Crossing, all the trolls you've sent to Phipps through our Make Your Own Troll event get a chance to say hello and show off their unique features. Scroll down to see all the trolls we've received! 

Created by Anastasia, Age 6

Created by Alexandria, Age 8

Bob The Troll

Created by Mateen, Age 5

"Bob the troll! I am a fighting troll that likes to stop bad guys in their tracks.I like to think of myself as the superman of trolls."

Fern The Troll

Created by Bella, Age 11

"Fern the troll likes to tend to flowers and help her little insect friends. She has the ability to camouflage herself amongst the flowers when needed."


Created by Arianna, Age 8.5

"My name is Abby. I love growing flowers and pretending I am a fairy queen!"

Creeper Troll

Created by Wesley, Age 5

"This is Creeper Troll. His favorite snack is salmon. His favorite color is glitter green. He loves to mine for gems."

Pineapple The Troll

Created by Harper, Age 7

"Pineapple troll's favorite color is orange. Her favorite snack is pineapple which she likes to munch on while sitting on the Florida beach. She lives on the beach in a giant pineapple. If something tries to eat her, she balls up like a painted rock.


Created by Sahana, Age 10

"This is troll Linara, guardian of the Moon. Her power grows with every full moon. Her horns glow in the dark.


Created by Pragna, Age 4

"I am B.J. I love to sing and play, I like to eat apples.

Created by Mark, Age 4

"He loves to eat potatoes. He loves to break sticks. And he's a disco man!"


Created by Thomas, Age 7

"My troll likes to eat bugs. His name is Leafy. Leafy likes to see trees."


Created by Evelyn, Age 6

"My troll's name is Crystal. Her favorite color is purple and she eats lots of crystals. She lives inside of a giant crystal. Her hobbies include searching for crystals and making friends."


Created by Rose, Age

"My troll's name is Cupcake. Her favorite color is pink and she eats lots of cupcakes. She lives in Cupcake World. She enjoys making new friends and eating rainbow sprinkles."

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