A Collection of Cherished Moments Shared at Phipps, one of America’s Oldest and Largest Conservatories

Throughout our 125th year, we asked you to share your memories at Phipps with us and you delivered! Enjoy some of your fellow guests’ fond remembrances and stop by the Conservatory to make new ones.

Visiting Phipps has been our family tradition for decades. We are celebrating Schenley Park’s 100th year in this photo!”


When we were children, my Great Aunt Anne Carver and Great Aunt Susan Voytas would take us to Phipps and then our to a special dinner. Sometimes we would even get a special outfit to wear. It was a big deal kind of day. I continue this tradition and also take my great nieces and nephews to Phipps as a special day.”


After many years of sharing photos and stories about our beloved treasure in Pittsburgh, my best friend from NYC visited during the 2018 Spring Flower Show. There’s no place in Pittsburgh that we are prouder of or happier to put first on our tour when friends of family visit.”

My husband and I began dating back in 1999 and these photos were taken on our first trip to Phipps together. It was for a Sunday Jazz in the Garden. Phipps is still our favorite place for Friday date nights.”

My mom, Vera Augustine, was a volunteer at Phipps in the Horticulture department. She was proud of her work at Phipps and she truly enjoyed it. She took me to each show and this photo is from the Spring Flower Show in 1988. I am currently a volunteer at Phipps and very proud that I am able to follow in her footsteps and volunteer in such a beautiful place while meeting so many wonderful people.”


Double bonus: Enjoying Phipps and a visit with my son, a student at Pitt.”

Phipps member Cheryl Richards shared this photo of her children Michael and Laura having fun in Palm Court during Spring Flower Show 1999.

Phipps member Connie White visits the new Tropical Forest Thailand exhibit after its opening in late 2006.

My husband and I were married at Phipps while I was a student at Pitt. Since then, we moved to California and had two children. Now we’re back in Pittsburgh. I take our kids to Phipps often, and we always visit on our anniversary.”

On the top is Kristin Cahalan on one of her first visits to Phipps in 1982. On the bottom is Kristin’s daughter, Kylie Hudson, on her first Phipps visit in 2017.

These three photos show three generations of grandmothers and grandchildren at Phipps. The top photo is of my grandmother and myself. The middle photo is of my daughters, their grandmother (my mother) and myself, and the bottom photo is of my grandson and me.”

I have been going to Phipps since the 1950s and my wife, Fran, and I have been going since we star ted dating in the early ‘60s. These photos reflect trips from 1999 through this past December. We all look forward most of all to our annual trip to see Winter Flower Show and Light Garden, and have also cherished the special events and art shows as well.”

Celebrating 125 Years at Phipps