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Happy Harvest Matching Game
May 06

Happy Harvest Matching Game

By Sarah Cullo, LMP Program Coordinator

This week we are talking all about happy harvest.

Today I want to talk about eating the rainbow. It is very important to eat a variety of foods and a variety of colors! Each color has a unique benefit for our body. We are going to focus on four color groups: green, red, orange and blue/purple. Each color has its own nutrient that is especially good for different parts of our body.

Green fruits and vegetables are good for our muscles because they contain chlorophyll

Red fruits and vegetables are good for our heart because they contain lycopene.

I bet you can guess what orange fruits and vegetables are good for, think carrots! Orange fruits and vegetables are good for our eyes. That is because they contain beta-carotene.

Blue and purple fruits and vegetables are good for our brain because they contain anthocyanins.

Here is a matching game all about eating the rainbow you can play at home.

How to play:

  1. You can print and cut out the sheet of fruit and vegetable cards for the game. Don’t have a printer? No worries! You and your little one can make your own cards. All you need is some paper and crayons. Just make sure each fruit or vegetable has a pair!
  2. Once you have your cards, turn the picture side down and shuffle the cards.
  3. Place the cards in a grid and you are ready to get started!
  4. The goal of the game is to get the most matches.

Test your knowledge! Each time a card is turned over point to the part of your body that it benefits! (i.e. broccoli: muscles)