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In with the Interns: Weeding, Planting, Cooking and More
Jun 30

In with the Interns: Weeding, Planting, Cooking and More

By Alauna Jackson

From tending garden beds and arranging exhibit displays to whipping up their own unique culinary creations, our high school interns are keeping busy this summer here at Phipps! 'In with the Interns' is a segment featuring our 2016 high school interns; this segment will explore what they do, learn and experience this summer during their internship. This week we will hear from two of our interns as they describe what the best part of their internship has been so far.

The high school interns have already completed their first week! Last week, the interns explored how food affects human and environmental health. They practiced how to properly read a nutrition label to find healthy food options, planted their own garden plots and learned how to make salad dressings and kale chips from scratch. You can find our high school interns working hard in the conservatory and the Edible Garden.

Our intern of the week is Alauna Jackson. She has shared her favorite part of the internship so far!

Name: Alauna Jackson
School: Woodland Hills High School
Favorite Room at Phipps: Tropical Forest
Theme of the Week: Food
“I had two favorite activities this week. My first was weeding and planting because that was my first time doing those things. My second favorite part was cooking the meal that we all ate together.”