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Join us for our next Science Communication Workshop this August!
Jul 31

Join us for our next Science Communication Workshop this August!

By Lorren Kezmoh, Outreach Coordinator, Phipps Science Education and Research

Bring Science to the Public at Phipps!

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is seeking graduate students and other professionals in all science fields to participate in our Science Communication Fellowship program, a new program designed to help scientists share their research with the public. 

Who can participate?

Graduate students or faculty engaged in scientific study, as well as professionals working in a science-related field.

What does the program entail?

-Participants will take part in a science communication workshop at Phipps. Facilitated by the science education and research department, this learning opportunity is designed to help attendees develop tools for communicating scientific concepts to the public.

-After completion of their science communication training, participants will have the chance to engage members of the public at an 'Meet a Scientist' event at Phipps.

What are the benefits of participating?

- Participants will have the opportunity to work with informal education experts to develop their skills in communicating science to the public. 

- Participants will have the chance to network with colleagues who come from multiple disciplines and are equally committed to sharing their work with the public.

- Participants will be provided with a forum for sharing their work with a diverse public audience at Phipps.

What are the expectations for participants?

- Participants must attend a one-day science communication workshop on August 29, 2015.

- Participants must create a table display kit using existing equipment/tools from their research. 

- Participants must take part in a one-hour table prototyping session on either September 8 or 9, 2015.

- Participants must write a blog post about their experiences as a scientist to share via Phipps’ online outreach platform.

- Participants must sign up for a tabling shift at one of our 'Meet a Scientist' events at Phipps on either September 19, October 17, November 21, or December 19.

How to apply

Email Lorren Kezmoh at for the 2015 Science Communication Fellowship application.

Completed applications should be returned to Lorren Kezmoh at by August 14, 2015.

All applicants accepted for the 2015 cohort receive a full scholarship (includes the cost of lunch).


Contact: Lorren Kezmoh, Science Education & Research Outreach Coordinator

412/622-6915, ext. 3220


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