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Thanksgiving Matching Game
Nov 20

Thanksgiving Matching Game

By Christina Hayduchok, LMP Intern

Thanksgiving is a time of reflecting and being grateful for what we have in our lives. As we make plans to gather in person or virtually, we are reminded of memories of the past. Sharing stories helps bring us together and encourages younger ones to learn about the adults in their lives.This activity encourages using fine motor and memory skills to complete this challenge. The first step is to print the Thanksgiving tiles and cut them out. Shuffle the order and turn the photo side down. Then flip two over at a time and see if they match. Keep flipping two until you find a match. Once you have a pair, you can leave them face up. Repeat until all the tiles have a match.


Feel free to add an extra challenge once all the cards have been overturned:

  • Group cards with what they have in common
  • Order cards from what is smallest to largest in real life
  • Create a story and use the cards to explain it
  • Group card with similar colors


Whether your family chooses turkey or tof-urkey, this card game is fun for everyone. Let us know your favorite card in the comments and enjoy your holiday.