The Fairchild Challenge at Phipps: Challenge #5
Mar 09

The Fairchild Challenge at Phipps: Challenge #5

By Sahar Arbab

Challenge #5:  “My Climate Future”

In this second-to-last challenge of the school year, we want to hear your great ideas for how individuals can make lifestyle changes in response to climate change.

Climate Change may seem like one of the biggest challenges that today’s young people will face as a generation. However, we have more information on climate science than we ever have before and ways to tackle this problem are being developed every day. This next generation will have the skills and knowledge necessary to come up with creative solutions that will lead our society towards more sustainable lifestyles.

So far this year, the Fairchild Challenge participants have immersed themselves in nature, modified their lifestyles in response to climate change, investigated their local biodiversity and created original biophilic design concepts for their schools. Throughout these challenges, all of you have displayed high levels of creativity. We are eager to hear more of your ideas!

Your task is to give your viewers some of the most pertinent information surrounding climate change, and then offer a call to action. What can an individual do to help solve the problem? Your job is to inspire your viewers.

Entry Requirements:

  • Create a video that: 1) briefly explains what is meant by “climate change,” 2) includes your personal reaction to the current knowledge, and 3) provides a specific way or ways to take action to mitigate the potential problems associated with climate change.
  • Video can be from 1 to 3 minutes max
  • Video should be submitted on DVD, flash drive or uploaded and accessible on YouTube.

Additional Information:

  • Middle School Entries are due at Phipps by Friday, March 18.
  • High School Entries are due at Phipps by Friday, March 25.

Have questions? Contact Sahar Arbab at  or 412-622-6915 x3905