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The Photographs of Donald M. Robinson

In this series, photographer Donald M. Robinson highlights the ever-changing nature of light and wildlife found throughout Pennsylvania.

Now on display in Phipps' Welcome Center Gallery, the work of Pittsburgh photographer Donald M. Robinson reveals a searcher's eye, an explorer's sensibility and an innate delight in faraway places and rare things, as well as in the ever-changing nature of light and wildlife found throughout Pennsylvania. His photographs reflect his conviction that the world is a beautiful place and the environment is its greatest treasure. Many of the photographs in this series were taken in and around Pittsburgh, with a few highlighting the water lily collection at Phipps in years past. These works are part of Phipps' permanent collection.

About the Artist

Donald M. Robinson was an internationally recognized Pittsburgh photographer who explored the world with a love and respect for both its wildlife and its varied cultures. His deep sense of admiration permeated his many works. Robinson spent decades documenting people, landscapes, animals and plant life all over the world. 

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