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As a busy landscaper, you need quality continuing education to stay ahead of the sustainable curve. Our programs are taught by experts in the fields of horticulture, arboriculture, turf management, and forestry. These classes are designed to help landscapers build the skills they need to offer more environmentally-friendly services while taking care of their bottom line.

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Organic Japanese Knotweed Management for Professionals: Organic Herbicide Application for Large Scale Japanese Knotweed Management | Mike Nadeau

Tuesday, September 15 | 7 – 9 p.m.

$45 members | $50 non-members
Live webinar through Zoom

This session will cover an organic method of Japanese knotweed management that focuses on timed mowing and an application of organic herbicide. Learn about the nuances in timing, the necessary equipment and more. This class is most appropriate for landcare professionals, land managers, and homeowners who want to step up their means of control. 

PA Pesticide Applicator Credits: Meeting #002BGV

PC - Private Category 4 credits
05 - Forest Pest Control 4 credits
06 - Ornamental and Shade Trees 4 credits
10 - Right of Way & Weeds 4 credits
18 - Demonstration and Research 4 credits
23 - Park / School Pest Control  4 credits

To apply for PA pesticide applicator credit, please fill in your date of birth and PA certification number when registering. Attendance will also be confirmed during class.