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5 Recipes Inspired by Your Favorite Children’s Books
Nov 05

5 Recipes Inspired by Your Favorite Children’s Books

By Maris Altieri RD, LMP Coordinator

Chilly winter weekends are perfect times to gather the family, snuggle in toasty blankets, and read stories together. While we can't part the everlasting winter clouds, we can transform our environment with the power of imagination and a good book in hand. Want to bring your children’s books to life? Check out our favorite storybook recipes below:

1. Strega Nona by Tomie dePaola


What do a grandma witch, magic pasta pot, and rebellious housekeeper have in common? Find out by reading the Caldecott classic, Strega Nona. Slurp up a veggie-packed spaghetti supper while enjoying this whimsical tale about actions and consequences.

2. Stone Soup by Marcia Brown

Three hungry soldiers teach a greedy town about the power of sharing through the creation of a very special soup. Concoct your own version of this belly-warming dish using this recipe. Cooking Tip: make the meal interactive and let your children pick out the veggies to add to the pot!

3. Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss 

How can we forget about Dr. Seuss’s renowned book, Green Eggs and Ham? Ditch the food dye and recreate this iconic breakfast using the beloved greens of the earth (spinach, anyone?). Serve over a slice of whole grain bread to keep the family full until lunch.

4. Blueberries For Sal by Robert McCloskey

Little Sal heads to Blueberry hill to collect berries to can and store for the winter. On her journey, she runs into a mama bear, which leads to a comical mix-up. Enjoy this charming story with a delicious slice of blueberry oat bread. Don’t have time to bake? Follow Sal’s lead and opt for a handful of blueberries instead!

5. A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon

A closeted lover of lima beans, Camilla Cream catches a rare sickness when she tries to hide her true self from her judgemental peers. Teach your children the value of authenticity over a bowl of yummy lima bean stew.  


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Thank you for sharing an amazing idea. As a retired Communications teacher (Reading/Writing), this is a great way to engage kids in reading more. Greatly appreciated.

By Charlotte Fong on Jan 19, 2019