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At The Market: Friendship Farms
Jul 25

At The Market: Friendship Farms

By Carina Martin

Almost everyone who stops at the Friendship Farms booth is drawn in by the sight of the fluffy scones, beguilingly dotted with chocolate chunks and bits of fruit. Some visitors are drawn to the sticky cinnamon rolls, some to the bags of crunchy granola, some to the soft packages of chocolate chip cookies. Customers can also pick up delectable preserves (in grape, strawberry or cherry flavors), apple-almond or zucchini-chocolate muffins, or tender ground Angus beef. The table also offers a surprisingly large variety of breads, from traditional French and St. Benedict to hearty seven-grain and garden herb.

All of Friendship Farms' offerings are made fresh on the farm, often a few hours before the market begins. They can be found at the Green Market at Phipps each Wednesday from 2:30 – 6:30 p.m. and at