From Garden to Table
May 04

From Garden to Table

By Providence Connections, Inc.

In 1994, the Sisters of Divine Providence opened Providence Connections as a result of closing Divine Provident Hospital. Just two years after Providence Family Support Center opened its doors, the need in the community for more comprehensive services grew. To meet the growing demand, Providence Connections established high-quality childcare and early childhood education programs, including extended care hours, an after-school enrichment program for elementary school children and a summer long day camp. Our mission is to strengthen families and enrich lives through comprehensive education and developmental opportunities for both parents and children.

Providence Connections has exciting plans for the upcoming summer months — students and staff are tending to new garden beds! After a chart was created to determine which classroom would be responsible for the care and watering of the beds, children were encouraged to record the weather and track the growth of the vegetables. Eventually, students will be able to harvest crops from these gardens and will have a deeper understanding of the planting and growing process. Providence Connections Kitchen Manager Ms. Kayleigh will discuss with the students how to prepare meals using the vegetables that are harvested and even demonstrate cooking the food dishes. Recipes, herbs and vegetables will also be sent home with the children, so that they and their family members can then cook the meals together. By the end of this process, students will be able to have discussions and share their opinion on the entire gardening process from garden to table.