Carmalt Is Excited About Getting Green This Spring!
May 05

Carmalt Is Excited About Getting Green This Spring!

By Pittsburgh Carmalt

Pittsburgh Carmalt is a uniform whole school Magnet located in Pittsburgh's Brookline neighborhood that specializes in Science and Technology. The faculty, staff, students, parents and community of Pittsburgh Carmalt PreK-8 is committed to building pride in academic excellence. Structured caring is the key to Carmalt's student success. We strive to provide a place where all children can learn when expectations are set to the highest level and commitment to high student achievement is uncompromising. Carmalt offers educational opportunities for all students to embrace cultural diversity in a responsive-learning environment. 

Carmalt is excited about getting green this spring! Our primary students will enjoy planting, growing, observing and harvesting yummy veggies as well as planting perennials to attract butterflies and other pollinators to our area. Be on the lookout for these upcoming beautiful happenings in our green spaces!