Thomas Child Care and Learning Academy Partners with Let’s Move Pittsburgh
May 03

Thomas Child Care and Learning Academy Partners with Let’s Move Pittsburgh

By Thomas Child Care and Learning Academy

Through the Let’s Move Community Award, Thomas Child Care and Learning Academy (TCLA) has set goals along with our school age children to:

Have fun while being constructively physically active. TCLA has partnered with Maria B. to provide weekly instructional exercise sessions. Our students are able to receive eight weeks of instruction on how to properly perform exercises while enjoying music, having fun with their friends and being physically active with a certified instructor. Maria’s upbeat personality and passion for fitness brings the best out of our students and they look forward to her visit weekly.

Second goal, be confident with their physical selves. Maria provides encouragement to all students and suggests alternative movements for those who are unable to perform through the suggested method.  She makes all students feel confident and part of the group.

Third goal, understand what it takes to create a healthy lifestyle. Discussions are being held with the participants about the importance of continuous physical activity, learning new exercises, how to perform properly and preparing and eating food that is beneficial for their bodies. Our students request breakfast and snacks that they believe are healthy. Staff allows students to participate in the creation of their own snacks. Healthy trail mix, celery and peanut butter, hummus, carrots, cucumbers, ranch dressing, fresh fruit, crackers and cheese, etc.

With the funding from Let’s Move Pittsburgh, TCLA has been able to provide additional opportunities for children to have fun while learning habits to create a healthy lifestyle.