Refreshing and enhancing Mellon Park's community center for cultivating botanical knowledge, inspiring creative minds and spreading the joy of gardening

Located inside a historic former carriage house in Mellon Park, the Garden Center was established in 1948 as a site for people and groups to meet and to cultivate botanical knowledge, inspire creative minds and spread the joy of gardening. In 2016, Phipps and its partners began exploring a renovation to add value to the Center's five stakeholder groups: the community, building users, staff, donors and the planet.

Contact us at ceo@phipps.conservatory.org to send your thoughts, and stay tuned to this page for more updates as progress continues.

Current Schematic Designs

Click here to download the latest schematic designs. Please note that these designs are not final; further refinement will take place in the design development phase.

More Information

We Want to Hear from You

We are currently in the design and community input phase of the process. Contact us at execdir@phipps.conservatory.org to send your thoughts. Thank you to everyone who has already provided feedback!