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Located inside a historic former carriage house in Mellon Park, the Garden Center was established in 1948 as a site for groups to meet and to cultivate botanical knowledge, inspire creative minds and spread the joy of gardening.

In this image, from the May 1954 issue of Carnegie Magazine, the original carriage house of the Mellon Estate is seen. The carriage house is one of two historic facilities constructed in the 1910s on this site which will be preserved and renovated as part of the Garden Center project. 

Phipps Garden Center actively supports numerous organizations and nonprofits by providing facilities for regular meetings, conferences, and exhibitions, including:

  • Pittsburgh Bonsai Society meetings and exhibitions
  • Orchid Society of Western PA meetings and exhibitions
  • Three Rivers Birding Society
  • Western PA Herb Society
  • Greater Pittsburgh Aquarium Society
  • Hosta and Daylily Society
  • Executive Committee of the Garden Club of Allegheny County
  • Native Plant and Sustainability Conference
  • Summer Short Course
  • Three Rivers Urban Soils Symposium
  • Sustainable Landcare Accreditation Training


The history of the Phipps Garden Center site is a history of stewardship and legacy. Click the image below for an enlarged view.

Existing Conditions

The current conditions at Phipps Garden Center leave plenty of room for significant improvement. Click the images below for an enlarged view.

Previous Additions

As the purpose and use of the original carriage house transformed over time, various additions were made to the original construction, resulting in the building footprint we see today. Click the image below for an enlarged view.

We Want to Hear from You

We are currently in the design and community review process — all designs presented here are conceptual. Contact us at to send your thoughts. Thank you to everyone who has already provided feedback!