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Want to learn gardening from the pros? Our horticulture department has prepared a collection of resources just for you. From seeding and veggie harvesting to raking and frost protection, our experts have you covered year-round. 

Greener Gardening Guide

Sustainable Landcare Principles

At Phipps, nine key principles drive our work in sustainable landcare and form our understanding of why we care for the land the way that we do. Read on to learn more!

This gallery showcases Sustainable Garden Award submissions from each year of the program.

Peruse our annual lists of non-invasive, pest-resistant, low-maintenance plants to inspire your garden selections.

These three handy checklists that will give you or your land care provider a way to ensure you’re using best practices in your garden and landscape.

Consult our list of seed vendors, with ownership information, organic availability and GMO policies for each.

This two-part resource provides information about eco-friendly practices and products to address common pest problems.

This guide will help you create a sustainable plant haven for pollinators and a beautiful space for all to enjoy.

Each of the nurseries listed here has joined with Phipps to educate consumers and to promote sustainable plants. 

Let us help you get the most from your garden with this season-by-season guide to better yields and greater enjoyment.

Phipps horticulture experts bring useful tips from the glasshouse to your house in a series of informative videos.

Have a question about your perennials, houseplants or turf grass? Worried about pests, hydrangeas that won't bloom, or tomatoes that died on the vine? Dr. Phipps can help!

See our new blog series designed to help you make your garden, lawn and landscape more beautiful and sustainable.

Photos © Paul g. Wiegman, Charity Grimes Bauman, Matt Quenaudon