As part of our commitment to promote human and environmental well-being, Phipps encourages public and human-powered transportation for visitors and employees alike. In the United States, the largest category of carbon emissions is from transportation, which accounts for about 28% of all U.S. carbon dioxide emissions, according to Energy Use for Transportation.

In partnership with BikePGH and the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI), we offer the following valuable resources to help you to visit Phipps while reducing your transportation footprint! 

Move PGH

To provide Pittsburghers with affordable, easy to use, and accessible transportation choices, Pittsburgh’s Department of Mobility and Infrastructure created the Move PGH initiative. The initiative is the result of the collaboration of different mobility partners working together within the area called the Pittsburgh Mobility Collective, which includes DOMI, Port Authority of Allegheny County and Pittsburgh Parking Authority.


Transit is a free, mobile app that allows users to explore bus, biking, and walking routes; the app easily tracks your progress on the route to give you real-time updates on busing locations and traffic updates. Using this app is a great way to start taking and tracking your public transportation usage.

Pittsburgh Port Authority

Using public transportation can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 16.2 million metric tons per year. Pittsburgh has 102 public transit routes, including 98 bus routes, 3 light rails, and 2 inclines. Pittsburgh Port Authority created an interactive map that allows you to plan your trip using the public transit system. The system gives you updates if your transportation is delayed and stays updated on traffic issues within the area. The map is helpful for users to search different routes and bus stops within Pittsburgh with updated times.

City of Pittsburgh and Bike(+) Plan

Human powered transportation is a form of mobility powered by humans that changes the focus of transportation to health and wellbeing. We encourage our guests to bike or walk safely to Phipps forgoing a single-occupant car. A protected bike lane runs through Oakland direct to Phipps Conservatory, and bike parking is available outside our Welcome Center as seen in our visitor map. Here are resources that can provide more information about mobility around biking and walking to Phipps Conservatory. The City of Pittsburgh developed a Bike+ Master Plan in 2020. It describes the state of Pittsburgh’s human powered transportation today and proposes areas for new mobility paths, expanded facility types, local biking policies and implementation strategies.


With a focus on Advocacy, Education, and Community, BikePGH is transforming our streets and communities into vibrant, healthy places by making them safe and accessible for people to bike and walk. Visit their website for maps, guides and other resources.