At The Market: Wigle Whiskey
Jul 11

At The Market: Wigle Whiskey

By Carina Martin

Since its inception, Wigle Whiskey has operated on a strict “grain to glass” philosophy, crafting each spirit in their impressive collection from locally-produced, organic whole grains. Now celebrating its fifth anniversary, Wigle Whiskey is a local operation through and through: the spirits are distilled in the Strip District, aged on the North Side and distributed all over the East Coast.

At the Wigle table, a colorful variety of spirits are housed behind equally eye-catching labels. Perennial bestsellers like Rye Whiskey, Organic Trope Vodka and Organic Ginever join funkier favorites, such as popular Afterglow Ginger Whiskey and Organic Absent Minded Absinthe. Petite bottles offer up a charming assortment of bitters, from Rosemary Lavender to Orange Pomander — perfect for bringing an extra kick to your morning cup of coffee.  

Wigle Whiskey visits the Green Market at Phipps each Wednesday from 2:30 – 6:30 p.m., accepting credit and debit only. They can also be found at