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Last Week in Science Education Programming
Nov 09

Last Week in Science Education Programming

By Carolyn Carlins, Facilitator, Phipps Science Education and Research

Last Week in Science Education Programming is our weekly seasonal segment featuring education programming. This is the place for camp parents to find pictures of their campers in action and see all the fun things we did throughout the week. It’s also a great place for educators to pick up craft, story and lesson ideas for their own early childhood programs!

Last Friday, our 2-3 year old Little Sprouts gathered for 'My Favorite Fruits.' During this sweet program, campers used their senses to explore different types of fruit and how they are grown. The children used fruits such as apples and cantaloupe to stamp a fruit harvest and created their very own blueberry box art. Finally, campers took an adventure in the Tropical Congo, visiting the marketplace and learning about all the wonderful fruits derived from the tropics! Join us December 4th for the next Little Sprouts: Our Bug Friends!

If you would like to learn more about Phipps’ seasonal camps, or would like to register your little one for an upcoming program, please visit our website or call 412-441-4442, ext.3925 for more information!

All photographs taken by Phipps' Science Education and Research staff.