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Food in the News: The Avocado Craze
Aug 09

Food in the News: The Avocado Craze

By Jessica Rea, Let's Move Pittsburgh Intern

America is in love with avocados. Our country’s appetite for the creamy, savory fruit has exploded — prompting home cooks, celebrity chefs, and fast food restaurateurs to reinvent-the-wheel. Fortunately, no matter how you slice them; avocados are healthful! Each indulgent serving is packed with potassium, fiber, and vitamins B6 and E. Indigenous to Mexico, this now international delight tastes great when paired with local ingredients such as tomatoes, corn, and garbanzo beans. In celebration of National Avocado Day, this past July 31st, let’s explore some unexpected, tasty ways that avocados have been reimagined. 


The Avo Garden: The Avocado Show 1 | Amsterdam 

Welcome to the world’s first avocado-themed restaurant! Here, legendary chef Jaimie van Heije transforms sustainably sourced avocados into whimsical, flavorful features! Try their Avo Garden—a leafy hummus ‘burger’ with two avocado halves as the buns. Wash it all down with their famous Guaca Mary cocktail!



Avocado Toast: Avocaderia 2 | Brooklyn

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the world’s first avocado bar! This fashionable hangout in Sunset Park is famous for its internationally inspired cuisine. Avocado toasts, smoothies, salads, and bowls are filled with flavors inspired by Japan, Egypt, and Mexico. Try their Za’atar Flower Toast—nasturtium flowers, za’atar, and sliced avo are piled on hummus-slathered sourdough toast.


Chocolate Dipped Avocado & Maple Bacon Cannoli’s: The Guac Spot 3 | New Jersey

Chicken & Avocado Waffles, Guac Dogs, and Avocado Egg Rolls are three favorites being served up at this far-reaching food truck. Save room for dessert to try their guacaroons or their chocolate-dipped avo cannolis—no written description could ever do them justice.



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