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June – August; see full schedule for details
Summer of Pollinators
Summer of Pollinators
Summer of Pollinators
Summer of Pollinators
Summer of Pollinators

Join us for a three-month celebration of pollinators and how they impact our lives during our Summer of Pollinators! 

At Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, we strive to create, support and teach the intricate and delicate connections of the natural world. This year, we will hold a three-month Summer of Pollinators celebration to teach the public about pollinator-plant relationships which help bring food, fiber and medicine. 

Teaching children about pollinators

Why Pollinators?

Celebrating pollinators is a natural extension of our work in gardens, conservatories and arboreta dedicated to plants. Pollinators, animals that transfer pollen from one flower to another, help flowering plants reproduce and even contribute to the global economy! Unfortunately, these animals that help keep the world running are in danger. In the past few years, insect population decreases have been on the rise and could lead not only to the loss of the plants we know and love, but food shortages as well. To protect and support the pollinators we so depend upon, Summer of Pollinators aims to teach others about their importance in our lives, how we can all do our part to create pollinator-friendly spaces and more!  

Teaching a group of people about bees

Virtual Events for Adults

Learn something new in our pollinator-themed adult education courses. From sustainable landscaping to botanical art and photography, there are many courses to pique your interest in pollinators! Click the links to sign up -- links to July and August events are coming soon!

Virtual Events for Children

Virtual Story Time:

Our youngest visitors are invited to join us virtually for our weekly Story Time programs throughout the summer to learn more about pollinators! 

  • "All About Bees" | June 24
  • "All About Butterflies" | July 15
  • "All About Birds" | Aug. 19

Join one of our many pollinator-themed virtual summer camps or programs to learn more about the world of pollinators. 

Virtual Summer Camps:

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