Serving as Pittsburgh's Green Oasis for Over 125 Years, Phipps Conservatory's Story is one of Legacy, Innovation and Leadership.

Since its inception in 1893, Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens has drawn the residents of Pittsburgh and visitors from all over the world to experience the beauty, whimsy and wonder of nature that lies inside its gorgeous glasshouse. Take a step back in time to read the story of how Phipps has contributed beauty, education and sustainability to the City of Pittsburgh and beyond. 

Discover how founder Henry Phipps provided the city with a historic glasshouse as a place of education and solice for the working class. 

See how the growth and development of a permanent plant collection led to the evolution of Phipps' iconic seasonal flower shows. 

In dire need of restoration, maintaining the old glasshouse was at the forefront of efforts in order to preserve it for future generations. 

The modern era brings dramatic expansion and new emphasis on addressing the environmental issues of our time.